Get our new WDD campaign materials!


Two new World Diabetes Day posters have been created for the World Diabetes Day 2012 campaign - Diabetes: protect our future - to highlight our key messages focussing on the importance of diabetes education and healthy environments in achieving a healthier future for all.

We encourage you to use these posters widely in your awareness activities this year. They are available for download in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish and can be requested in print form from [email protected].

If you would like the posters available in your local language, please contact [email protected] to access the source files or provide the necessary translations so that we can produce the posters for you.

Campaign video

The International Diabetes Federation has produced a special animated video for the World Diabetes Day campaign. Prominently featuring the blue circle - the global symbol of diabetes - the video highlights the importance of learning and sharing knowledge about diabetes to improve the health of future generations.

Watch the video and help to spread the blue circle message by sharing and embedding it on your website or blog.