20 days to WDD: how you can mark the day

World Diabetes Day - 14 November - is less than 20 days away! Here's a reminder of how you can support the campaign:

  • Wear blue throughout November and ask your friends, family and colleagues to join you.
  • Form a human blue circle, a simple activity with a great visual impact that can be organised as an individual activity or as part of a bigger event.
  • Organise a physical activity - walk, cycle ride, hula-hoop or dance. Get people moving in your family or community.
  • Promote the campaign on your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page by featuring information and links from the World Diabetes Day website.
  • Identify local heroes that are active in promoting the diabetes cause and healthy lifestyles. These heroes will provide inspiration and a positive role models for people with diabetes around the world.

Visit our World Diabetes Day image gallery on Flickr to see awareness in action!