Take a Step for Diabetes

The World Diabetes Day 2013 campaign is asking everyone to Take a Step for Diabetes, encouraging symbolic donations of steps accrued through various activities.

A step is any activity that helps promote diabetes awareness, improve the lives of people with diabetes or promotes healthy lifestyles. Everyone is encouraged to submit their steps to our custom designed platform. Our goal is to reach 371 million steps, representing the amount of people currently living with diabetes.

Examples of how you can take a step for diabetes include:

  • Wearing blue for diabetes
  • Lighting a monument or building in blue
  • Getting a local personality to wear the blue circle pin
  • Organising a diabetes awareness event in your community
  • Organising a diabetes flash mob
  • Forming a human blue circle
  • Promoting the blue circle on your website or blog
  • Doing a recommended amount of physical activity
  • Including more healthy and nutritious foods in your diet

View examples of how people are taking a step for diabetes.

The campaign is open to both individuals and groups (e.g. an association, organisation or community group). You can choose to do more than one activity and as many times as you want. Each number of steps that you submit will be totalled and count toward your individual or group ranking.

Find out on how you can take part.