Last update: 02/08/2017

The IDF Life for a Child (LFAC) Program was established in November 2000, and is a program of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

The IDF is governed by a Board of Directors elected every two years, representing over 230 national diabetes association members in 170 countries and territories.

The LFAC Program is operated by staff employed by Diabetes NSW & ACT (DNSW & ACT). It is led by the General Manager of the Program, and directed by a Steering Committee. DNSW & ACT is the legal entity in Australia of the IDF LFAC Program.

The Steering Committee is appointed by the IDF in consultation with DNSW & ACT and is comprised of the DNSW & ACT CEO, General Manager of the Program and two representatives from the IDF board with expertise in diabetes management. The Steering Committee operates according to details under the Memorandum of Understanding between IDF and DNSW. This includes overseeing and guiding the administrative, financial, and programmatic aspects of IDF LFAC Program. The Steering Committee meets quarterly. The General Manager reports to the Steering Committee and also to the IDF Board.

The steering committee consists of:

Professor Martin Silink, Paediatric Endocrinologist, Australia
Sturt Eastwood, CEO Diabetes NSW & ACT, Australia
Dr. Shaukat M. Sadikot President Elect IDF, India
Professor Nam Han Cho, Republic of Korea
Dr. Ragnar Hanas, Paediatric Endocrinologist, Sweden
Dr. Graham Ogle, General Manager, Sydney

Program accounts within DNSW & ACT and IDF Brussels are audited annually by Ernst & Young in Australia and Brussels.

IDF Life for a Child (USA) Inc. was incorporated in August 2015. This non-profit corporation is governed by a board of seven directors, two of whom are appointed by the IDF Board. It received 501c(3) approval to receive tax deductible donations in May 2016. Financial accounts are audited annually.

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